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Sound Design

Recording cars for The Sweeney

The Sweeney – car recording session

At Sound Disposition we pay particular attention to the subtle art of supporting the image. Through careful layering of complex atmospheres and subtle soundscapes (along with the usual bangs, whooshes, explosions and crashes!) we aim to shape the audience’s subconscious appreciation of the narrative.

We believe every project should have a unique and original sound, and to that end we insist on sourcing our own sounds for each film we work on. On Shadow Dancer, this involved spending many hours gathering fresh recordings for the scene on the London Underground, including trying to find a train whose beeper was not functioning properly so we could get a clean recording of a closing door. For The Sweeney we spent two days recording on a race track with some very fast cars!

We have some wonderful tools available for sound design, including:

  • Multiple Avid ProTools 10 suites, all with 5.1 monitoring
  • Hundreds of plugins by SoundToys, Waves, BlueTubes, Digidesign, and many more
  • Access to a shared and meticulously catalogued sound effect library (over 2tb and growing) which includes many hours of custom recordings
  • Hardware synthesisers by Nord, Yamaha, Korg and others
  • An assortment of unusual instruments
  • A huge range of microphones and sound-gathering equipment for sourcing original sounds

By default we tracklay in 5.1 surround, and can deliver in Protools format or as rendered stems, with or without processing.