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Feature Films

We would be lying if we claimed we weren’t incredibly proud of all the feature films we have had a hand in, across all genres and budgets. We are lovers of independent cinema and regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that every project which leaves the studio sounds as good as it possibly can.

We have done blockbusters (The Sweeney was at #1 in the UK box office for a week), thrillers (including Noir-ish A Single Shot and James Marsh’s Shadow Dancer), documentaries (Ashvin Kumar’s Inshallah, Football won the National Award in India in 2012), comedies, arthouse films and much more.

Below is a selection of our pride and joy:

The Pyramid Texts


Run Away with Me 

Kill Command

American Hero

A Doctor’s Sword


51 Degrees

Sword Of Vengeance

Lessons in Dissent

Lemon Tree Passage

All Stars

Hammer of the Gods

Dead Cat

A Single Shot


A Night in the Woods

The Sweeney

Shadow Dancer

iLL Manors