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We are Sound Disposition.

Sound Disposition provides top quality sound post production for feature films, television, shorts and corporate films. We can look after all your needs from pre-production through to post-production, or offer bespoke services tailored to your needs.

Half of any film is sound, and we believe in approaching it holistically – treating it as a single unified entity, from script through to delivery if possible. We are specialists at sound design, mixing, dialogue editing, foley, ADR and deliverables.

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality services ready for broadcast and distribution at competitive prices, and when we take on a project, we put everything into it.

Founded in 2008, we have put together top tier talent, who have made soundscapes for award winning films, shorts and corporate videos.

Here are some of our favourite projects we’ve worked on:

“Sound Disposition was an indispensable team-member in the making of ‘For Real.’ While the film is a Indo-US production, we chose the U.K. for post production sound because of them. Really a good bunch of guys, professional, perfectionists. I’ll work with them again.”  Sona Jain

The Pyramid Texts


Nazi Boots

Run Away with Me 

Kill Command

American Hero

Little Red Roses

A Doctor’s Sword



51 Degrees

Sword Of Vengeance

Danny MacAskill – Epecuén


Lessons in Dissent

Lemon Tree Passage

Two Words

Crossing Lines

All Stars

Love, Actively

Hammer of the Gods

Aphrodite Fry

Dead Cat

The Houdini Girl

A Single Shot

Invisible Parents


A Night in the Woods

The Sweeney

Shadow Dancer

iLL Manors

Katya and the Scarlet Sails

Walk Tall

Chloe and Will’s hot date night


Love Story in Milk

A Red Bridge


Inshallah, Football


Dead Happy

Pack of Pain

Burlesque Fairytales

For Real

Monsters and Rabbits

The Forest

A Hartley Story

Little Terrorist